The American Red Cross is conducting a research study to determine if CJD can be transmitted by blood transfusion.  We enroll blood donors who later died of CJD and trace the recipients of the donations they gave prior to their diagnosis.  The recipients are then followed to determine if any of them die of CJD.  Since 1995, this study has enrolled 50 blood donors who subsequently developed CJD and is following over 500 recipients of blood from those donors.  It is important to note that to date, there has been no evidence that non-variant (sporadic or familial) CJD is transmitted through the blood of donors who later died of the disease.

Our collaboration with the CJD Foundation has been critical in identifying CJD patients that were blood donors. We are asking the families of patients who had CJD and a history of blood donations with the American Red Cross or any other blood donation organization to please contact us using the information below.  We greatly appreciate your support of our ongoing research.

Contact Information:
Dr. Whitney R. Steele
Phone: 240-314-3525