The Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit patient/family support organization.

This Guestbook is solely for the use of families and friends affected by CJD to post their thoughts and personal stories. We reserve the right to remove postings that can be interpreted as medical advice, advertisements, disrespectful, solicitations, requests for donations for fundraising events, or offers of financial aid. Management of this guestbook is at the sole discretion of the CJD Foundation. By posting an entry you are agreeing to these terms. When signing the guestbook email addresses are hidden and only available to the website administrator.

Please do not post your email address in your message and do not include your last name.

Unfortunately, over the years, many of our families have received emails claiming undocumented and dangerous claims about “cures” and medication and/or vitamins to be taken. Our most important goal in hosting this Guestbook is to provide a safe space for you, our families. If you want to be contacted by others send your name and email address to Add to your post “please contact Lori for my email address” and we will provide it promptly. While this additional step may seem cumbersome, it is important for us to take whatever measures possible to maintain this safe environment. Rather than remove the Guestbook completely we are adding this layer and will remove posted email addresses but not your messages.  Also as an additional step to prevent spam from being posted, we have added a "Captcha" module.  Please type in the letters and numbers when prompted.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

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