Mission Statement

Who We Are and Why We Exist
The Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation consists of members who are concerned about the complexity of issues surrounding this fatal brain disease. Our mission is to support families and loved ones touched by CJD.

We carry out this mission by means of:

  •  Publication of CJD Information pamphlet
  •  Political and public policy advocacy 
  •  An Annual Family Conference
  •  Family Workshops held around the country
  •  Collaboration with the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
  •  Monitoring and communicating by newsletter all of the current research and Foundation activities
  •  Collaboration with international support groups from 10 other countries
The Foundation's philosophy is to be proactive by establishing collaborations and linkages, communicating with family members, researchers, physicians and political representatives and informing the broader community about CJD.
Our policy is to offer support, information and practical advice. We do not offer opinions or medical advice.
Privacy Policy
All information shared with the CJD Foundation is confidential and not used or shared without your written consent. For more detailed information please view our privacy policy.