Our most comprehensive pamphlet about CJD and other prion diseases.
Included in this tri-fold is a description of the CJD Foundation, its mission, services and partners. There is a basic explanation of CJD and diagnostic tests to provide a broader understanding.
This trifold provides suggestions for friends of a CJD patient or family on how they can help out and be supportive during a difficult time.
This tri-fold provides information about CJD for the lay person. Questions answered here include: What is CJD? What are the Public Health Concerns and What is Chronic Wasting Disease?
This tri-fold gives family members or care providers helpful hints on how to deal with specific symptoms of CJD.
Coping with a loved one's illness can be devastating. This tri-fold offers a few simple reminders for the family members coping with the diagnosis of CJD and its ramifications.
This tri-fold offers basic information about why an autopsy is important and dispels a few common myths. It also gives useful information to the families about obtaining an autopsy.
This tri-fold offers basic insights into what a person commonly experiences in the grief process. Common feelings, physical symptoms of grief and tips on how to cope with this experience are discussed.